thevodkahaze asked:

Do you have any idea why all these crazy SJWs and feminists who "identify" as bipolysexual genderqueer fluid dragonkin appear on tumblr and never/rarely on any other social media site? From what I've heard Reddit is full of neckbeards, I don't encounter these people on Youtube, and Twitter has them but they're not nearly as common or rampant. Any thoughts why Tumblr attracts feminists like moths to a flame?




Because Tumblr was made for all the social outcasts of the world, and they flocked to it en masse.

Then reality came crashing down on them, and rather than accept the fact that what they call themselves on here, in most cases, does not translate into real life, they decided to label themselves oppressed.

Otherkin are now oppressed. People identifying with “bun” pronouns are now oppressed. People with “headmates” are now oppressed. Fat people are now oppressed. 

And because the people who live in reality don’t agree with their idiocy, and probably never will, they respond to any and all disagreement with hatred and vitriol. They are, by and large, incapable of reasonable discourse, because no reasonable person agrees with their bull shit.

Feminists fit into that as well. The only difference is that they can be part of a real movement. They behave essentially the same as the others, the only difference is that their movement has real-world consequences.

{Jeez, okay. Well first off you don’t get to say who’s oppressed and who isn’t, because all of the people you listed are oppressed as fuck and literally told they don’t exist— and, as someone with headmates, who knows a shit ton of people with headmates, I don’t think you get to claim they aren’t real, either.

We know society doesn’t agree with us. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what society things, man, I mean— way back when society thought slavery was all fine and dandy, and people went along with that. That doesn’t mean it was okay.

Listen. You don’t get to say who is oppressed and who is not. You don’t get to tell people that their identities aren’t valid because they don’t fit right into your ridiculous little narrow box of what a person should be. You don’t get to tell someone that they’re an idiot or that they aren’t real because you’re not educated on these things or because you don’t agree with them. It’s none of your damn business if someone identifies as something that isn’t hurting you.}

No, none of the people I listed are oppressed.

You’re people with “special snowflake” syndrome.

Your “headmates” aren’t real, or, in the event they are, are a symptom of a mental illness. “headmates” are not your friends. You are not multiple people sharing a single body/mind happily. You’re somebody taking something that is a very real problem for people, and turning it into a fucking fashion statement so you can call yourself oppressed.

The same goes for Otherkin and the “bun” pronouns. The ONLY case where those things MIGHT make sense is with Native Americans, and even THAT is a stretch.

You’re not oppressed. You’re an idiot trying to fit in on Tumblr and doing whatever you can to make yourself “special”. You just happened to make the mistake of trying to carry your special snowflakery into real life, and when it (rightfully) got you laughed at or told to stop being stupid, you cried oppression. 

Your problems aren’t real. They’re caused by your own ineptitude.