Fuck You.
Names Mitch.
Fuck you and enjoy the cats.
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Hygiene 101 for feminists


-Bleeding all over your clothes is not empowerment.
-Shitting in your pants is not empowerment.
-Peeing in your pants is not empowerment.
-Not brushing your teeth is not empowerment.
-Not showering is not empowerment.

It’s called being dirty. Hygiene is good for you.

This has been a Tumblr PSA.



(via gardevoiir)

Malus Darkblade (via snoregasm)

Words to live by.

With hate, all things are possible

Malus Darkblade - Reaper of Souls (via pennedwin)

What we face now isn’t calamity, but opportunity, if we have but the will to seize it.
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